Contact Realtors By Phone or E-Mail?

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During my research seems like it is advised to have some agents on your team as a investor. Is it more effective to reach out to them by phone or by e-mail? Should I tell them I'm a wholesaler? Need some guidance on this topic. Thanks BP.

I would call them.  An agent doesn't want to waste time. A phone call takes more effort than an email and will be perceived as if you are more serious. 

However you might want to first go to some investor meetings in your area. You may meet agents  there or at least be able to get references of ones that understand investing.  Most agents DO NOT understand investing or what makes a good deal.

@Jeff Jacques good luck getting an agent to call you back. I would tell them that you are a cash buyer or an investor, not a wholesaler. Don't limit yourself as just a wholesaler anyway. Buy, Sell, Rehab, Hold, and seller finance. Do it all depending on the deal.

Follow your moral compass.   If you are willing to mislead people to get what you want tell them you are an investor like Anthony says and wait for them to figure it out on their own and drop you.     If you tell them you are a wholesaler, most agents will ignore you because you probably are a complete waste of their time.