How to engage with the REI community as a "Newbie"

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I am a veterinary nurse that lives in the Tampa, FL area. I am interested in learning more about REI beyond just reading about it. What's the best way to link up with other knowledgeable individuals that could help me gain more insight into the REI world? (I know..Duh! that's what biggerpockets is for)

So really I guess the question is how do you engage with the REI community outside of the cyber-world as an outsider with no REI background and very minimum knowledge?

Local REIAs are a good option and there are several around Tampa/St. Pete. Larry Harbolt runs a good one in Pinellas Park every Monday evening. You can also look on social apps like Meetup, there are quite a few real estate investing groups in the area that are less formal than a REIA (plus some REIAs cost money). Good luck!

The Pinellas Park one on Mondays is one of the better REIAs in the area -- I would suggest going to that one and a few different ones, introduce yourself, and start meeting people.  You will see a lot of the same people at them, and start to feel better about some groups over others.  And the more you surround yourself with the people and actions you want to take, the easier your action will become.