Is social media a good venue to market a real estate book?

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Does the author or the book itself have an existing FB/insta page? Newsfeed/feed ads can work really well, and you can definitely run sales through a call to action button, but it takes some work to build up trust with an audience before getting to a sale. Totally doable.

Facebook ads are about the best advertising for anything these days. I used FB and GoogleAds to blow up my REI business until my SEO rankings started generating a lot of free leads.

@Lyne Rio Yes, I've worked with a number of authors on book promotion over the years. I agree with @Rachel Rendall and @Jeff Filali about Facebook and Instagram being two of the best platforms. Twitter can also be effective IF the author already has a presence (5,000-10,000 followers or more) there.

For organic (non-paid) social media promotion, there will need to be a solid fanbase built up on whichever platforms you choose. If you use paid social media, you'll likely get the most bang for your buck using FB ads, though you need to take the time to learn how to do them well. 

That's great... though we both need to start learning Facebook, Instagram and twitter. I heard so much about it though. So where should I begin? Honestly my friend was just thinking of using amazon but it's better to have a lot of options right? My other question is how long does it take to have a decent number of audience when we use Facebook?