50 Units, 200/Month Income: Huh?

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Hello All, 

I own rentals by sheer just purchasing at different duty stations i was stationed at over the years and keeping them, but now im really trying to learn the knowledge to step up my investing in real estate. 

Today i was riding my bicycle and listening to a bigger pockets podcast and the person in the podcast mentioned that his goal is to get to 50 units and with all those units to at least net $200/month total passive cash flow to cover his living expense and retire..... 

I feel like i am missing something here.. i would understand it and agree with his statement if it was $200 per unit a month, meaning $10,000/month, but i listened to it more than once and it didn't sound like he meant it this way. 

Thanks in advance for explaining it to me, im just trying to understand and maybe there is something im missing that im overlooking. 

Definitely $200/door. I remember exactly where in the podcast you mean. But, I mean, if there's somewhere I can comfortably live for less than $200 a month, sign me up! Haha.