Hello, my name is Sheldan Christensen! I am 20 years old and a Southern California native. I am currently studying economics at Chapman University (almost entirely for the networking opportunities it presents). Nonetheless, over the last few years I have gained significant interest in the world of real estate. AND I WANT TO BUILD MY PORTFOLIO NOW! There is no reason I have to wait for my diploma to begin my career as a real estate investor.

So that you understand my intentions with RE, here are some personal reasons for my particular passion in this business:

- It is an art form in my eyes

- I had multiple stretches of homelessness in my childhood

- I want to build relationships that will benefit future endeavors

- I want to create multiple streams of income and bring diversity to my portfolio

- Gain capital for other business investments

This post is written in effort to find a coaches/mentors/partners in this business. Namely, this is a job posting for anyone willing to build a team dedicated to learning the RE game side by side and to teach each other valuable lessons that may help in our personal investments. Thank you in advance to anyone that takes the time to respond.

Also, if anyone knows of local real estate meet-ups / seminars please SHARE!

Success in all endeavors....