Newbie To Real Estate Investing/Wholesaling

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Hello All, My name is Inemesit Crump from Brooklyn, NY. I’m currently 27 years old and looking to achieve financial freedom through Real Estate. I’ve been passionate about it for as long as I can remember but up until now I’ve been going through the forums soaking up as much knowledge as I can. I’m looking to network and connect with other investors & real estate individuals in the Philly, Detroit, NJ and Baltimore markets.
@Inemesit C. I would say start with wholesaling. Due dilligence is more than necessary but that’s with any strategy. But it’s probably the best way to get properties under contract that you can’t necessarily afford at the moment. Thru the wholesaling strategy don’t look the prices here as “I don’t have it”. You don’t need it. The end buyer needs it and will have it. You bringin a deal to them. But the more expensive the property, the more polished knowledgeable, resourceful and presentable you have to be. But you need that “can do” attitude

@Inemesit C. welcome to BP you will find a lot of members here from  Baltimore. 

A great way to find people here is to set up keyword alerts. When anyone mentions your keywords you get notified. Set one up for each of the markets you are interested in. My alert for Baltimore is what got me to this post.