Practice Commercial / Multi Family Underwriting

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Hi BP Family,

Does anyone know a venue or website where I could reach out to professionals to help them with their commercial / multi family underwriting needs? I want to use the opportunity to get more repetition for when I start investing in the same asset classes myself in the near future.

I have 6 years of Credit and Banking experience on the Corporate side so the transition would not be too much of a jump. But want to see if I could get more practice on actual deals from active investors.

Anyone have any ideas on where I could go to find this?

@Chukwudi Motanya I think you're in the right place! One suggestion is to look at all the different forum categories and then post a question, offering, or recommendations accordingly. For example you may want to post in the Commercial multifamily category with the title "free underwriting assistance from professional banker". I guess it also depends on how much value you think you can truly offer based on your experience. If you are actually new to Underwriting these types of deals you'd need to position your message accordingly. But here's another idea.. how about just finding your own deals to analyze? Hit Loopnet or your local MLS and you'll have plenty to choose from!

@Chukwudi Motanya Do you/will you develop your own models? Most MF analysis is a simple cash-flow analysis with a waterfall structure to understand LP/GP returns. The "trick" is understanding how to develop a pro-forma which matches the type of asset you are buying. 

Most models freely available online aren't very good. But people use them and get into trouble. 

Hey @Omar Khan

Do you have past examples of deals I could use for practice actually? I see that you are in PE Real Estate so I believe the deals you see would be the ones I would be interested in

@Chukwudi Motanya Instead of analyzing old deals why not look at the new ones. As @Omar Khan suggested use LoopNet. Use can also find a list of major local brokerages in your area, for example, Acadia, Marcus&MIllichamp, etc and subscribe to their distribution emails with new deals. This will give you access to a current deal flow and ability to connect & speak with brokers. So you"ll "kill two birds with one stone".

If you have any further questions feel free to PM me.