Single Family Rentals or Small Multi Families Starting out?

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Hey Everyone,

I want to get everyone's opinion and advice on whether to start my REI journey with Single Family rentals or Small Multifamily? Also depending on what you choose, could you please elaborate why. Thanks for your time!

Hi Joe! Happy to hear you're starting your REI journey. I focus on multifamily investments so I'll give you a few reasons why I prefer it: there is economies of scale on the expense side, cheaper property management, diversified income through multiple tenants, and scalability. Hope this helps!

Welcome to the BP community Joe. This is a topic that appears quite often. I have owned both and prefer SFR far and away for the following reasons: higher appreciation - longer term tenants - quicker liquidation - more responsible tenant - easier to rent - higher cash flow / door. Some would differ in that vacancy becomes an issue . My current YTD vacancy is 1.17% 2017 was 1.40% 2016 2.3% - we currently have 30 doors within this asset class.