"Most people in real estate do..." but "most" never succeed at accomplishing the dreams they set out on.

The reality is that real estate really is the best way to make money, if you have a passion for it. Its like most things in that there is an idea of how it is from the outside vs the reality once your deep in it.

I still drive for dollars, and am ALWAYS on the lookout for my next negotiation. I dont' care if its a deal or not, finding out is all part of the process. (fun)

Breaking apart a project into its needs and then managing to put them all together in a way that benefits or profits everyone involved is the part I like. The easy ones are near as exciting or something I look forward to. I like the challenge, the fight, the taking something that you can easily break into numbers and then express those as facts to a possibly emotional person. Its really an interesting study and practice in the human experience. You meet all kinds doing this.

I find joy in the end of tons of frustrations, working problems to solution is something I have always enjoyed. Real estate just gives me the opportunity to do what others are not willing, or able, in order to benefit my financial standing. 

But the reality is that its not my "dream job", its a goal I am working on one lined out task at a time.