Looking for advice on my first rental purchase

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I was recently doing tree work on a property with 3 alike but seperate homes. The owners live in a different state and the property manager who’s a family member said they want to sell. The deal 3 two bedroom homes Rent $600 $550 $550 =$1700 Purchase price $75k Taxes insurance $3600/yr They need some light landscaping work that I can do but also could use but not needed now siding and roofs. I haven’t been inside yet though either. They are currently all rented out with one tenant moving in a month or so when she closes on a house she just bought. My issue is I have some cash but I’m not very bankable because I’m young and self employed. Im looking for suggestions on wether or not this is the right first deal for me and ideas on how to finance this deal. I don’t think seller financing is possible however maybe if it was good for them. Thanks in advance

First, congrats on finding a potential deal! Maybe try putting your info into the BP rental calculator and seeing what your potential ROI might be. You'll need to take educated guesses on insurance, operational and capital expenses, as well as vacancy.

Have you found your local real estate investing group? Often experts are willing to talk with you about deals, and sometimes even walk the property with you to talk about what it needs. 

If you have a good sense of how much it will cost to fix up, you could maybe make them an offer as though they were the bank (owner financing) with how much you could put down and what interest you would pay them. Good luck!