Hello, I got my first FHA loan in 2014 and began renting it out in February of this year. Right now my mortgage is 1650 and I am charging 1800 in rent (raising it 100$ in 2019). I am in a position to pursue the next deal but I’m not sure what is the best route. I would like to refinance my house out of the FHA and PMI and lower my payment more if possible for more cash flow. Purchased the house for 225,000, it is currently worth 310,000 and I owe 205,000 I currently have 10,000$ saved for my next investment and 4000$ monthly avaiLABLE for the next 14 months to invest in deals. Do I send any of this money towards my mortgage to lower the payment ? Do I use my available cash to get another rental? What is my best options here. Credit score is 730 range.