Try to invest full time? OR keep W2 job and invest part time?

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Greetings BP Community! Hoping some wiser members who have maybe faced this predicament before could share some wisdom. I'm a 20-something with no kids, no pets--very few commitments. I own a condo, and I'm currently house hacking it, but not quite living for free in it. I'm also working full time as a w2 employee. I'm not making as much as I could at my current job, but the job is at least very flexible.

I'm trying to decide:  is it better to quit my job and pursue investing full time? Or better to try to invest part time while working my current job? OR should I find a new job that pays more that is less flexible, and try to invest part time? OR should I try to work full time in something related to Real Estate (maybe working as an agent or GC) and try to invest part time?

The goal is to reach financial independence as fast as possible through monthly cash flow. 

Thank you.

I live and work in Asheville, NC if I can every assist you with anything in this area, please drop me a line!

@Christopher Harpe I seen a posted quit my job and wholesale full-time which I believe is foolish. Real Estate investing full time is just as risky unless you have a solid game plan and plenty of cash reserves. This goes with becoming a Realtor as well.. Many people asked me should they become a realtor.. my short answer was it will be much easier if you have an existing large network "100 plus professionals" or willing to work your way up prospecting everyday.. cold calling, door knocking or paying for lead generation tools online.. Make sure you have a plan before making a decision. Don't be winging anything.. Plan A B C

Concentrate on your W2 at your age, work toward the highest paying job with a pension and benefits. Invest part time as you save and adjust your plans as you go through life. There is no reason to ever have to make the decision to give up your w2 unless you choose to.