Any Real Estate Investors or Networks in Cape Town, South Africa?

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My interest in RE investing began after I first read ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ by Robert Kiyosaki. I am looking to start taking action in some way to get started on a RE investing journey. I am still in university and have saved some money from work but its probably not enough for a down payment on a property. I plan to implement the ‘house hacking’ strategy as soon as I am able to make a down payment on a house and go from there as this seems like the best strategy in my case - unsure if this would work in SA (have not researched it yet). I am very passionate about RE investing and am continually educating myself through reading good books and interacting with BP material. Looking to learn from or network with local like-minded investors and investment specialized realtors !

@David H. hey whats up man im not local to your area but im down to network anytime man. Send me a PM when you get the chance id love to bounce knowledge off each other david look forward to hearing from you. Also congrats man you'll crush it in the game !!!