Starting Out and Excited

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Good Morning Everyone,

  I am just beginning my road on the real estate career path.  I am taking my pre-licensing classes beginning in September and should finish by the end of October if the projection is correct.  I am very excited to start my journey and am just trying to find out what steps I should be expecting after the test has been completed.  How do you determine what brokerage you would like to be sponsored by to start out?  What happens after you do become a part of the brokerage firm?  Short term I would probably continue to work my day job while I am learning the ropes. My long term goal would be to have some specializations in commercial buildings as well as residential, and to be able to make this my full time career.  Any advice or information would be very much appreciated.  Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day.    

Hi, Jessica,

Getting licensed is a good idea. Of course, the licensing info will teach you precious little about investing. Most real estate agents no nothing about investing which has its own language. I'd join your local REIA and read everything you can. Education is key! Joining BP was a good move.

Good luck!