Newbie determined to become a savvy realestate investor

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I’m very much interested in duplexes, triplexes, & quads I’m trying to educate myself by reading many books BiggerPockets suggested, but I still feel like I’m at the starting gate? I talked to this private lender that I’m building communication with and I thought I was prepared, but I felt like I wasn’t, even though I learned his lending policies. I’m just trying to use bits and pieces of Larry B. Loftis Esq. book and Brandon from BiggerPockets to acquire my 1st property, could use some encouragement, Insentive, motivation, & knowledge to achieve my goals!

@Eric O'neil Build a team around you that can bring in disciplines that you're not efficient at- do you need a RE Agent, Contractor, Closing Company, Partner with Money?

Don't get overwhelmed with all the information out there. Just focus on "the one thing" that will get you your goals. If it's finding a great deal, then focus on marketing. For me, it was being the acquisitions manager and only focusing on finding home-run deals. Once I realized this was all I had to do, my life go so much clearer.

You'll get a little better each and every day, the thing is just to never give up. Learning about the real estate investment world is like working out, when you start off you're weak as hell.

@Ken Nyczaj I appreciate the reply even that you took the time to reply, means a lot for someone starting out. I’ll simplify my reach, I’ll talk to some realestate agents that I know and see what they can find out for me as far as the 2-4 doors and hone in on that, get better with running the numbers, how is that for right now? I’d also like to reach out to you with an update on what I’m doing or should I just keep posting?

@Eric O'neil Keep studying and learning. Over time it will become more clear and you will become more confident. Probably the best thing you can do is network with and hang out with successful active investors.