Hi everyone,

I want to start off by saying thanks for everyone's knowledge. I've searched a bunch of FHA AirBnb threads on BP and wanted to be sure I'm understanding what I've read so far correctly.

I purchased a multi-family last year. Being new to the game I remember signing one document and my attorney specifically going "so no AirBnb."

I specifically remember thinking to myself at the time of signing....well that's unfortunate because I wanted to experiment with AirBnb. After reading Bigger Pockets forum posts on this similar topic, I've come to realize the following/have the following question:

AirBnb's with FHA as I've now come to understand are not allowed in the supposed OWNER OCCUPIED unit. Given that I'm not trying to skirt the law here, to make it clear, I right now and for the foreseeable future intend to occupy ONE of the units in my three flat. My question is in regards to the other TWO units that I have available. 

Under my current FHA loan, am I understanding correctly that I'm perfectly within my own legal right to AirBnb the OTHER two units? Or under FHA am I not allowed to AirBnb entirely?

Thanks for helping a new investor out everyone.