Any landlord investors here from Columbia South Carolina?

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I am from NJ and looking to start a rental portfolio in Columbia SC. I would like some guidance if possible from landlords in this city. Is there a strong demand for rentals in this city?

@Robert Dantec there are plenty of investors from Columbia on BP.  And more joining all the time.  Welcome aboard!

As for the market: "strong demand" is relative.  We obviously think its a decent market but i'm sure there are better ones out there.  

In a nutshell... Rents are good compared to home prices (1% rule is easy to find).  Military and College creates demand.  BUT... Appreciation is almost non-existent in most of the city.  Taxes are high for investors.  

I know of a few small portfolios that one could start with.  PM me if interested. 

@Robert Dantec I have been buying student rentals in Columbia for the past 13 years. I mainly buy in 29205 and 29201 zip codes (I'd recommend staying away from 29203 for an out of state investor). Agreed with @Andrew R. Lucas on his comment. Columbia is a great cash flow market but not ideal for appreciation.