Good evening, 

So I am new to RE. I am only 19 years of age and still in school planning on majoring in accounting and finance. As still being 19 my credit is still establishing but making sure I pay everything on time and taking care of it. I moved to WI and have established to see that their may be a lot of opportunities here. I have originally been born and raised on the South side of Chicago and still visit there. I have learned a lot also from my parents buying and selling our old house and buying a new house. Also, When we first moved here from renting. 

Current situation:

So I don't have much funds but I do work a part time job and have few side hustles that I try to generate any extra income. Now the house that we used to rent was my uncles and he has rented it out for few years before us and has made a nice income on it. He is now looking to sell it and has it on the market for about $330k. He has told me that he was willing to sell to us for $290k about we had bought another home. So, I was wondering If I would be able to get an investor to buy it from me as if I'm wholesaling this property. I would say if you did some repairs or updating this house can probably get about $350-370k. Any suggestions on what I can do? Thanks!!