Private or Hard money for auctions.

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Hello, I am a new investor from Los Angeles and have some questions about funding.

Is there a way to get 100% funding for auctions? I have met some lenders that is willing to lend 65% of the property, but was wondering how other investors fund 35% of the deal.

If it is not an auction, they lend 70% - 85% of the deal. 

How do you fund other 30% - 15% of your deals if you are not using your own money? Is there a lender out there that is willing to lend 100% of deals?

There are some HML's here and there that may be willing to do 100% funding, but you usually have to have a pretty good track record with them or have done a lot of deals in general.

Keep looking for hard money lenders and ask for recommendations from others via local meetups, REIA meetups, or of course here on BP.