The Local REIA Cost Money?

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My Local REIA cost money. I've been listening to plenty of Bigger Pockets podcast and reading a lot of real estate books, all of which have stated or written, "attend REIA meetings or become active in your local REIA". However, I never read or heard anywhere that the REIA costs money. Did I miss something?

@Colin Davis

Generally, there is a per meeting payment to cover the costs of renting out the space and/or booking guest speakers. Some REIA meetings might also have food if hosted out of a restaurant space.

You can find some free ones with, but they aren't completely free because Meetup charges the host of the Meetup group monthly fees.

Thanks for the response Christopher. My local REIA has membership fees that will void the monthly meeting fees. I suppose I shouldn't be as surprised as I am. EVERTHING has a cost.