only being shown with an executed contract

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Can someone clarify the executed contract process for me?

"Both of the units are currently occupied by Tenants who are on a month to month contract. If you wanted the unit vacant you would just notify the tenants they have to move out with 30 days notice. Also, this property is only being shown with an executed contract...often times with Multi Family properties that is the case as they do not want to disturb the tenants."

We found a duplex that we are interested in. We would like to see the inside of what we are potentially buying. Do we have to make an offer that he accepts in order to tour this property? What if I walk in and change my mind?

It is very common for tenant occupied properties to only be viewable after you have a contract on it. However if you think that something might scare you off be careful qith your emd. If the seller thinks you are wasting their time, they might not release your emd.

Talk to your agent about if this is possible in your market. I've made offers subject to personal inspection and wrote in the offer that the timeframe for making the earnest money deposit was longer than what would take me to inspect the property. That way you have a contract, you get to tour the property, and then if you want to proceed you can make your earnest money deposit. If you don't, you just notify them that after your personal inspection you are cancelling the contract and you're done without having to worry about someone having control of your earnest money until you know you want to proceed.