Advice, and stories of your success, or failures.

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Hello, I am new to BP, and as well as to real estate. Currently, I am 17 and have 4,000 dollars saved up if you have any advice on what I should do to start in real estate that would be helpful. I would also like to read your stories in real estate, either success or failure it doesn't matter to me. Thank you.

@John William Meehan start studying for your real estate license! Then keep your expenses low, be called "boring" by all your friends, join a meetup in your area and make new friends, hustle hard and make more money for a down payment on a house hack. Search the forms for some great house hack stories! 

Don't yet go investing the money. Study! Invest some of it into resources that would help you gain deeper into the world of real estate, meet people already doing big things in that area (you ca find them on here). You have a wonderful opportunity to get a head start on life dont blow it.

Welcome! It's great you're getting at this so early. This site is full of helpful information, stories, and advice. For books, the BP podcast interviews cannot beat and also include favorite book mentions at the end. You may also like this: BP book guide