New to real estate investing

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Hey there everyone, I'm new to real estate investing and working on building my knowledge up. I would like to focus more on commercial real estate other than single family homes. Ive been attending Real estate workshops, learning the lingo of real estate, and so on, but seem stuck on where to start Any advice?Should I focus on single family first or just start off (big) with commercial? Any books you recommend? Any courses you recommend?Any mentors (Paid doesn't matter) that might be willing to give advice? Another thing if you are open to share with me, how did you get started? Thank you in advance.

I highly recommend listening to a lot Podcasts. The BP podcast is one of the best, but look around and find subjects that can help you learn about what you are interested in. Podcasts are free and also some of the best information you can find, directly from professionals that are out working in the business. 

I recommend setting up an entity and seasoning business credit while building a 800 FICO as soon as possible. That way, when this market correction bottoms out, you will be in position to leverage the most financing at the lowest rates.

If you are tight on capital, setup a LLC yourself and use BP, CreditBoards (business credit forum), CreditKarma (personal credit), Nav (business credit) and other free resources to build both business and personal credit for free.