Hello Bigger Pockets Family,

I am new to the idea of real estate investing and I trying to determine what I am going to do with a house that I currently own/live in in Coral Gables, FL. At this point I am looking at either selling it (It has gone up by about 25% in value in 16 months and I would be able to live it in for the 2 out of 5 years needed to not pay capital gains taxes on the sale) or I will try to rent it out. Renting it has me a little worried just because of the potential for extended vacancy and not being able to cash flow enough to offset any unexpected expenses.

I feel like there are so many factors in this decision that it would be a huge help if someone could help me determine a more clear decision making process that I can follow in order to determine which option is best for me.

Any and all information/suggestions are greatly appreciated.