Website subscriptions - What is worth paying for?

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I have a question for people who have been in this game a little while and have figured out how to streamline the process. There are so many awesome-sounding resources out there, from Bigger Pockets to Rentometer to Mashvisor and so many others that I have seen in our first 6 months of education. My question is: which ones do you actually find worth paying for (other than BP, of course!) for everything from market research to rental price research to mailing lists, etc? I should clarify: we are working towards buy and hold small multifamily in California (though we will branch out to other states in the future.) 

Thank you!

@Christopher Phillips Thank you for the feedback! We are interested in doing some Airbnb and I know there are websites with analysis data related to that niche. 

I'm all for doing as much free as possible, but also, why reinvent the wheel and spend gobs of valuable time on something when a few dollars a month might make the whole process that much easier? It's just hard to know what is worth it and what isn't.