Hello BP Community! I hope everyone is having a great day,

I get asked this question a lot, so might as well make a post right? 

My biggest thing I tell people who are getting into this industry is that they NEED to stay Motivated. I recommend finding a mentor or someone you can shadow to help you when you're first getting started. You may realize that this industry is harder than you expected or you might love it even more. My mentor starting out is now my business partner today. 

Another tip would be to know the jargon/vocabulary of the business. I  would go to these networking events and here terms I had no idea what they meant. I would just write them down and google them later that night. You have to start somewhere right?

Last but not least, be honest, be open, and tell the truth. Your reputation in this business depends on it. 

If you can do all these then you will have no problem succeeding. Eventually you will have a proven track record and become an expert in your local area.