Don’t Have Down Payment Money

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Hey guys, I’ve been reading the Little or No Money Down book and as I get farther into it I become more inspired. I’m currently in college and pursuing a CPA license so if I can draw up all the numbers and show a good deal, would someone with money actually be willing to work with me? Is it easier than it sounds? The way I look at it is you con someone without ACTUALLY conning them.

@Michael Newman Real estate is a people business.  Make connections with investors at local meet-up groups. Listen to each person's story and see if you fit in with someone. What will you bring to the table? Skills? A property under contract? Meanwhile, tell everyone that you meet that you are looking.  You may bump into a person with a problem that you can help solve. One of my rehabs was a friend of a friend, who's mother was a hoarder and no one wanted to ready the place for market. We bought it 'as is'.