Where to find Partners?

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Hello everyone, I've been running numbers on just about everything that comes on the MLS (I currently dont have a way to find off market deals) and I found one that has ~12-15% return but requires 90k down. I'm working on getting the actual numbers from the agent so I can know for sure, but either way I think its good enough to split with a partner. Any suggestions on how to find a partner and or how to structure a deal that is advantageous for both of us?!

Hey Curtis,

If you can find a genuinely good deal you will be able to find a partner easily. If you want to support the BP community I would recommend finding the deal and bringing it to BP and try to partner with someone through the site! There are plenty investors in all different areas looking for deals. Try networking at local REI meet ups and get your name out there as well. As for formatting the deal this could be difficult as you are pulling the deal off the MLS and every realtor that has an investor also has access to the same listing. I would aim for a smaller equity stake if possible as the partner would be bringing a larger sum of money to the table. This is all flexible and you just have to find a partner and see what they are willing to work out. I hope this helps!

Thanks, appreciate the feedback. I'll check out the Marketplace in the forums. Looking over the topics thats the closest I see for what I'm looking for. I was trying to find a section more along the lines of 'Looking for an Investor' or 'Creating Partnerships'. I have not attended any REI's so I'll look into getting on that!