Can certain businesses indicate up & coming areas to invest in?

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Hello BiggerPockets community! I was driving down the street yesterday and trying to get a feel for the area I was in and whether or not it would be a good place for buy and hold rental properties. As I was considering this area, it dawned on me that a good shortcut would be to take note of what businesses are in and around the area. I have read that Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes are good indicators that the property value in areas each are located in will tend to rise. I'm wondering if anyone uses this or a similar "eye test" strategy when considering areas to invest in? Obviously, these big businesses are doing their research before deciding where to build and it would be useful to piggy back off that research if possible. Appreciate any insight anyone can share!

Hi @Grant Finley . Yes, I think those are good indicators of growth as well as stability in the context of an "eye test". Hospitals are another one that I like to look out for.