Tax Auction in Houston

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Hi Everyone, i'm getting started in the real state industry and wanted to learn more about the process for the Tax Auction that we have in Houston. Assuming you have good idea of the repair cost, can you check to see if it's a clear title yourself or do you need to go through a title company?

Also, assuming you get the house with not hidden liens. There's a 2 year redemption process on the property. Are you in charge of maintaining the property (lawn, property tax etc...) or who exactly would be in charge? 

After two years they can buy the property back from you and they'll pay an additional 25%, however, would they also pay any expenses you made to the house or fees that you might of paid?

Thanks in advance and looking forward to working with anyone in the Houston Area!!

Yes you are 100% responsible for the property. Grass, trash, taxes ect.