Full Time REI: How to afford reasonable family health insurance?

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Hello clan.

I'm doing some research to figure out the savvier ways of wholly focusing on REI as my only "job" while managing health risks for my family and I through a reasonable and comprehensive health plan (while keeping those costs as modest as I can).

Having worked for a large corporation with those benefits largely covered, I've never had to consider what happens when I'm on my own. I'm here now, exploring the REI game and pushing to get my first deal under my belt in the next couple of months, and would love to hear from you all what you've done to secure yourselves (and your loved ones) with solid health coverage while fully digging your heels into this real estate game.

Thanks in advance.

Manny (from New York)

Do you have the option of a spouse or domestic partner having the insurance? I foresee my hubby quitting his day job to focus on his car dealership and real estate. I’ll continue to work for 8 more years (will take us to 52). Banking cash to live on (extra 500k) to use an extra $50k a year as an income supplement. Will have primary paid off by then. If you keep your income to 30k a year, you get pretty heavy subsidies on the Obamacare exchange. They don’t count assets or cash, only income in determining it. May not work for all but that’s our general plan. 

Thanks for the suggestion Amy. We're actually exploring the spouse healthcare option right now. However, our aim is to pursue the REI exploits together full time.