Are Termite Inspections a good practice

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I have heard several different takes on this so I want to throw it out there.  Is it good practice to call a termite company to come out and check even though there has never been termites or any signs of them.  I have been told that they will always use words like there could be termites or some signs but no proof in order to get business.  Once they treat you have to pay hundreds of dollars annually to keep the warranty.  

@Lee Perry I think it depends on the area. Where I live, nearly every house has or had termites, so I get an inspection to see the extent of the damage or infestation. If it's not common to have termites, I might skip it

Termite damage can sneak up on you. I think it's a good idea to have a pest inspection during every turnover (for rentals) or as often as once a year depending on the area. Another maintenance issue to think about.