Tax liens and deeds properties

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Hello everyone. So I just got back my certificate back a week ago. I tried reaching out to the owner. I went to property and put a notice to vacate on their door. Someone contacted me back yesterday

 She said her mother is staying there and her uncle is the owner(either she way lying or really don't know), but in the records it says the owner is a woman. So bascially I just explained to her that I'm legally entitled to possession and if they are going to redeem then I will not go through with eviction but if they don't then I'm going to go through with it. If the tentant is paying rent to the owner, can the owner evict with me having the certificate?

if the tenant has a market rate lease and is ARMS length then you have to honor the lease at least I know that's true with a mortgage foreclosure.. now a tax sale might be different.

these are highly state specific you need to talk to your local title company or closing attorney to see what that certificate is really all about..

@Jay Hinrichs thanks. I'm going to go to the county to see about it. I was just curious. I don't think I can do much more now than to wait. If the tenants ask something to that nature I would just like to be on point with any questions they may have.