Southern Indiana Title Company That Works With Wholsalers

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Anyone know of any Title companies that will work with Wholesalers in Southern Indiana? I have called most of all them in Evansville and have had no luck. All of them need me to explain what a double close or contract assignment is, then they pass me off to someones voice mail that never returns calls! Any help would be great!

I did a double close at L Fay Hedden Abstract in Vincennes, IN (on 7th St) several years ago. They used the end-buyer's funds to fund my purchase, so no transactional funding was needed. I don't think I can post phone numbers here, but it should be easy to find with the above info.

Vincennes is about an hour from Evansville, and it's been a while, so no guarantees they will still do it.

Thanks Marc! I'll keep them in mind. I'm hoping to keep it in Evansville. You would think as many title companies as there are here that at least one would be willing to work with us!

Clear Title America, LLC should be able to assist you. They are located in Tampa, FL but offering services in almost every state. They are highly experienced with these sort of transactions.