I know this question is probably asked regularly or similar versions of it. 

I'm jumping into real estate. I'm currently getting my license, working towards the 125hours CA requires. I used to work in banking and love selling. I enjoyed it but it is not my current job. Which I do not enjoy.

I have about 11-15months worth of living expenses saved right now. Or about 50k. I was wondering does it seem irrational to quit my job so that I can knock out my license faster and plunge into real estate full time as quickly as possible. 

Is this enough of a buffer do you think? I live in the SF area so I live in what I would think would be a good market. As you would be hard pressed to find a home under 500k. I know that my license will cost roughly $400 to obtain, there may be some MLS and other fees associated when I join my broker, I think i want to push for keller williams, can anyone tell me if this is a good broker for new agents?

I know this is more of an investor forum but I know many here are also agents etc. I want to become an investor that is my ultimate goal, while also still selling houses. 

Sorry and if this is the wrong place for this kind of question please let me know and I must apologize in advance if so. 

There is just so much out there just trying to get some solid answers before I take the plunge. 

Thank you to everyone in advance!