Questions on RE Investing Business

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My two brothers and I own a business together it is running smoothly and needs less of our attention. We would like to diversify and get into real estate specifically rental properties. 

What is the best way to structure the business? 

We have 150k to start the business but I am wondering how financing each deal will work... Can the business itself get a loan if there is no history there?

Any help or tips would be very much appreciated.

If you already have a partnership you could run the rentals through there. If not I would get a partnership or an LLC started for the rentals. Get a business line of credit started if it is a new partnership, if you use the old one then you should have a loc . Buy with lowest amount down on the first property, make sure you fix anything needed and then buy more. If you have any further questions pm me.

Thanks for your input Michele, our other business is an S Corp and we really need to keep them separate. 

I am unsure what would qualify us for a line of credit on a newly formed LLC or Partnership and I would guess the interest rate would not be that great. I'll have to do some more research...

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