Just a thought on finding a Mentor

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I see so many posts on here from people asking for someone to mentor them, saying either they will work for free for the mentor or offering nothing at all.

It seems to me you will be more likely to find a mentor if you have enough money to close a deal on your own, and offer possibly offer the mentor 10% of the deal profits and none of the losses

In addition, know what you want to do "Realistically", such as Flip or Buy and Hold, etc....That way you provide value to the mentor.

Good Luck!

Bravo.  I've been noticing the same trend.  Great idea.  I'd also recommend attending [more] local events, reaching out to local BP members to meet up.

@Scott Mac

@Lee Burns

We were very fortunate to find a good mentor and friend in the DSM market when we first got going.  Him and his wife have been great and are now good friends.  We can relate to each other, and have been able to hopefully offer something in terms of things we've learned, introductions, etc.

According to him, he's had quite a few people approach him with asks for mentor-ship and he noted for us, that we were unique in the sense that we were doing stuff (moving forward, etc).  He said that he feels at times like letting people know he will start billing for his time, if they are not very actively moving forward with something.  What I picked up from that expression was that he felt his time was not being put to good use unless someone was really actively listening and executing on something.

I can relate to that sentiment.  It seems like lots of people get stuck in the perpetual 'kicking the tires' loop and never really get going.  Of course, not everyone should get going as a first step can be a major setback if the right preparation is not undertaken.