I am new to BiggerPockets and I will be entering into the Air Force soon. I am going to be starting my investment journey while I am in the military using the Va loan.

I am looking to buy (2-4) unit muti family properties in the San Antonio area preferably turnkey( with a little rehab work).

I am looking to mostly target either other military people since there is a Air Force base or college kids as tenants. Since I will most likely be investing out of state I am just looking for a run down on the San Antonio market

What are the best places in San Antonio to start?

What do the price range look like for muti family units?

What are some of the no go areas in terms or crime rate or non cash flow producing properties?

Are there high cash flowing properties or is more focused on appreciation?

What does the air b&b scene look like?

Anything would help

Thank you