I currently work in commercial real estate as a research analyst, but I'll be a broker next year. I've gotten a lot of experience here analyzing retail, medical, and office properties for investors. Not to mention it's also an interest that fills my free time.

I feel confident enough in the deal process to go out and put money where it should be. I'm very close to a small group of investors who only own a few condos/single family investments, and I can convince them to expand with some guidance and a solid plan. The word syndicator comes to mind, but I don't really think that's what I'm trying to do.

I'm a little foggy on the legalities (aren't we all) of providing my knowledge and time in exchange for equity or fees. I'm not trying to broker the transactions, but act as a member who does the work while the LLC provides cash.

A few questions:

Would it make things any easier if I were a member of their LLC?

Could I hold equity or collect fees through my own consulting LLC?

Is it a conflict of interest if I use my current brokerage, where I'm an employee, to broker the transactions? (Taking on a sort of business development role for them.)

I understand I'm not getting legal advice, but if someone has done something similar I'd like to hear about how it was executed.