Moving out of parents house strategy

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Hey everyone, I'm a newly wed, and looking to find a place to live in. I live with my parents at the moment (and help them out), but need to move out asap. I live and work in the philly burbs, and wife works in NJ (close to nyc).

1. We're both looking for new jobs, and not sure where and what they will be, but we're putting a 6 month deadline.

2. We don't like the idea of renting.

3. I've always entertained the idea of flipping, after remodeling my parents place myself, and helping other relatives remodel their homes.

Any ideas and suggestions welcomed!


Ishan & Rajvi

Definitely could use the live-in-flip method. Buy a house that can be flipped and live in it at the same time and remodel as you go along. Has tax benefits for capital gains if you stay long enough as well. Could even rent out a couple rooms (if you have extra) to cut down on mortgage. I'm currently doing this with a house near Baltimore and it's going great. Reach out if you have any questions.