Where to start in MI? Looking for connections

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I have some money coming and am excited to get started in real estate. I ideally would like to get started in real estate by flipping to earn more capital and then possible buying and holding. I am looking to start in the Detroit Metro Area.

 I currently live in NJ, so it would be ideal to start in the NYC area. However, I have a few reservations about the NYC area which make this not possible including:

1. Higher house prices

2. Very high property taxes (Can seriously eat into profits if I end up having to hold the property for longer than wanted)

3. Higher cost of labor for renovations due to increased cost of living

I have family out in Michigan that could possibly oversee any renovation project. In fact, I could even employ a trusted family member to do this. He also is a painter so has connections with other contractors. I've spoken with him about this in the past and it seemed like something he'd be interested in.

Things I like about Michigan:

1. Cheaper home prices

2. More cities to choose from/invest in

3. The family connect to oversee this and get it rolling.

I will have around $150k to invest in real estate to start. Obviously I would like to use other capital and not all of my own to start this. My credit is not great, but I have any bad marks paid off. Seeing as how I am looking to flip am I better off seeking a hard money lender? Is there going to be anyone willing to work with me having no experience in real estate? I am a small business owner and have managed this for 6 years now. I am looking to diversify.

I would love to meet a good real estate agent with experience working with investors and some hard money lenders who would be willing to work with me. 

Thanks in advance for all your help, and I look forward to suggestions.