Naming Your Company without Registering Yet

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Question- I just found a name for my business and used it for my new gmail account and will eventually use it for a new website. Although it is not registered yet, is it legal to use that name without registering it or placing an LLC or Corp at the end of the name? Just trying to be as legit as possible.

@Jeff Meszaros

The legal issue would be if someone else already has that name registered. 

It seems that it would be easier to register it than setting up a website. You want to make sure that no one else uses the name. To protect yourself and so you dont waste time and money on a name you can't use.

You can register it through Legal Zoom and places like that or do it yourself pretty easy.

@Charles Goetz

Thank you for the advice. I did google the name and did not see any other name similar at all to mine. My goal was to look professional without going through the hoops of registering my business that has not even started yet. Lol. But I will look into legal zoom and see if that would be easy for me to set up. Appreciate all the help. Hope one day I can be of assistance to all of you.