Where to start? Looking for best way to get into wholesaling.

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I work a 9-5, 5-6 days a week.  Trying to get started in wholesaling and wanted any suggestions on the best way to approach this. Limited funds.  I'm in Cleveland Ohio.

 Wholesaling as it's taught is a myth. You need a license to Broker real estate. That's all wholesaling is, it's brokering real estate except instead of being up front & telling the distressed seller that you'll sell their property for X amount & take X amount as your commission / fee you are taught to lie to the seller & pretend you are going to buy the property while you secretly attempt to "assign" your contract.

It doesn't work. Nobody has any respect for wholesalers. Whenever a wholesaler contact me I simply get the information about the property & reach out to the owner myself cutting the wholesaler out of the deal entirely. If you do business above board as a licensed agent that won't happen to you. The only people making money wholesaling are the guys selling the education.