What was your dumbest question?

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So I'm sitting in my car during my lunch and to kill time I was browsing the forums and I see alot of the same questions with the same answers.  So I came up with a fun idea. Ask yourself your dumbest question and answer it with your best answer now that we pretend to know better. 

Where Should I Invest? 

What areas do you know, and where do you WANT to invest? If people are investing in an area you know then I promise, there is a way to make money there. Figure out how they do it and see if you can copy it. There is no Magical Market "somewhere else" that is all rainbows and sunshine that is better than anywhere else. 

Where can I find a mentor?

What value can you add, or expertise you can share?  There's a reason diet pills don't work.  It takes hard work and commitment.  Put yourself in a position where you can expose your strengths.  A cup of coffee for 1 hour of time is an insult to those who understand that time is a fleeting commodity. Also if you're blessed with someone who may gladly share their knowledge and input,  it becomes a deterrent to help those who take it and just shelf it and move on to another thing.  

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