Why would Mentor want to help?

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So, I have flipped houses in the past but am definitely still a novice when it comes to sfh rentals and BRRRR. Still building my team (Core 4). I would definitely welcome the opportunity to build a relationship with a mentor...my question is why would someone want to help me in the same market? Again, I am totally open to it and will bring as much value as I can but I'm struggling getting my head around why would someone want to add more competition to an already competitive market? I hope this post is read in the same tone that I'm writing it. Lol. I'm a medical sales rep during the day. I help and train new reps all the time and am happy to do it but the new reps aren't in the same territory (Kansas City). Hope this makes sense. Any feedback is much appreciated.

Geez, you may be right?  I mentor people in my market all the time but they come to me with why it's worth putting in the time and effort to do it.  While in the same market, we have plenty of demand; there's room for everyone.  And, just because we're in the same market, it doesn't mean we're investing in the same price points or inventory.  Would you be willing to mentor someone fairly new who would want to join forces to revitalize a rundown neighborhood (that would benefit both of you)?  Or maybe they would mentor you and in exchange for you overseeing one part of his/her current project?  If you want someone to invest in you, show your worth.  Answer my "why bother" question.  And, forget the investor lingo; all the newbies use it.  If you seriously want a mentor - and especially one who is worth having, you'll have to bring the value to the forefront.  

@Patricia Steiner Thanks for the reply Patricia. I think I understand what you’re saying is basically there’s enough pie out here for everyone, why not help each other. More houses get rehabbed, hopefully that will help maintain/restore distressed areas and property values go up. Everyone wins! I like it