Calculation Check - First Rental Property

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Hi all!  

Very excited to get started here and hope I am not pulling the trigger too fast.  This is my plan.

Luckily I bought my primary residence 3 years ago for $335,000 and I owe $306,000.  It is currently worth $450,000 since I moved into a developing neighborhood in Philadelphia.  My mortgage is $1700/month and my realtor is telling me I can rent my home easy for $2500/month.  It was brand new construction 3 years ago - very little maintenance.

I applied for a HELOC loan and still waiting for this to finalize. I should have access to $100k when all is said and done.

I was going to rent my primary home until I found an investment property that currently has renters near a major university.  This home is 2500 sq ft and totally renovated with renters paying $2500/month currently until July 2020!  I believe it will always be occupied since it is 3 blocks from a major university.  Also students can use student loans to pay for rent - the student loan bubble could benefit me here..

They are selling the home for $309,000. I am going to put 20% down from my HELOC to avoid PMI. Also closing costs are around $15,000 or 5%. I am of course going to try to get this property for lower hopefully $295k-$300k. Also will try to negotiate the closing costs with the seller. It appears they are aggressively trying to unload this property.

Home = $309,000

HELOC = $61,800 Balance (assume 4%)

$2472/year in interest or $206/moth

Mortgage Loan = $247,200 (assume 4.5% because it's a rental)

30 Year mortgage pmt = $1253

Closing Costs = $15,000

Property Taxes = $3,800/year

Rental Income = $2500 x 12 = $30,000

Monthly Income = $2500

HELOC Interest = ($206)

Mortgage PMT = ($1253)

Property Tax = ($316)

Landlord Insurance = $2500? (i have no idea) or ($208)

Positive Monthly Cash Flow of $517

Would love to hear some feedback on my calculations or where I am going wrong on this.  Open house is on Saturday and hope to have my pre-approval letter ready and could be making an offer.  Any advice/recommendations are greatly appreciated!!!

If all said and done I would rent my primary residence now for $2500 (current mortgage and taxes insurance) is $1700

Positive Cash flow of $800 already

Will buy a new primary residence and rent out current.

Does this sound like a wise strategy as well?

Hi John,

Thank you for posting this. I am currently taking a similar approach with renting out my primary residence. I am renting in the area that I want to live, and have a HELOC approved. I am just trying to find the right property to invest in. Very curious to hear other responses. Thanks again!!