Small Success Potential Realtor

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Today I had a small success. After the buy your first property in 90 days webinar I felt motivated to make real moves. I was leaving one of our forest roads heading back to the office. As I was locking up the gate a home owner across the street came chasing his dog down.

So I sat there talking to him about how long he'd been living there. I found out he had been there 3 years and bought the place with a partner and were going to sell the place. He told me he was a property manager and bought a couple places.

I told him I was looking to buy my first rental/investment property and talked about the local market here from what I learned analyzing some properties. He had a lot of local insight to the market here. Mainly saying that really the only rentals that will cash flow here are 3, 4 MF properties or deed auctions. 

So I'm going to go ahead and get pre-approved at my local Credit Union before talking with this realtor so I can move when a deal comes my way. I was just so amazed with what can happen when you just simply put your self out there and talk with people. I just had my eyes opened up a bit today.