Taxes and insurance included in mortgage payment?

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Hey BP team, 

So I am brand new to the site and to real estate investing. I recently bought a triplex and now I am hooked after seeing the power of real estate. The property brings in 2000 and the mortgage is 1143 (519 P&I 624 I&T), Put a new roof on the property so working on getting a cheaper insurance currently 1224 a year and the taxes 1602. I called my lender about my monthly escrow payment. So they are doing an evaluation to lower it. Wanted your guys opinion is it better to handle the taxes and insurance your self or let the bank handle it with escrow? Kind of leaning towards handling myself. Feel like I am giving the bank an interest free loan.  

Thanks for your help


@Kyle Beebe - usually your loan is required to handle it unless you are below a minimum LTV (70-80%)

Your escrow is evaluated every year and you are given the surplus is applicable.  So really it makes no difference if they pay it or you do, but it is less work if they do