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Hi everyone,

Today, I decided to start looking at a few local real-estate schools and would like to get some feedback in regards to this school. I’m sure most of you don’t live in Florida, but if you could just take a few minutes to check out their credentials and let me know what you think of them I would greatly appreciate it.



((I’m going for my real-estate license and then advance up to my broker’s license.))

looks like a good school.

i decided that getting my real estate sales license and getting my brokers license in a year or two would be in our best interest - so i'm about 1/2 way through my real estate school.

so far we've gone over alot of things i already knew, but the teacher we have is excellent - you want to make sure they "teach to the test" - with exact precision.

in the school, you don't want to know everything - only what's on the tests in order to get your license!

I agree with noobdog...most of what's you really need to learn will be retained during practical experience. The key is finding someone successful willing to mentor/broker you after the classes.

The School looks as if it will suffice as far as providing the data needed to pass the exams.....check on the pass fail ratio of attendees. Also check to see how students are prepped for the exam.

Noobdog1, Dcg123,

Thanks for all the input guys. I’m making a list of question to ask these people this week. Can you think of any question that would be worth asking?

Dcg123 – I have both of your question down.



well, first i would call a few brokers. see who's looking for sales agents - that is definitely not hard to find.

ask them about the process of becoming a sales agent.

they'll probably refer you to this real estate school or one just like it.

also, go to

check out state requirements.

good luck!