Type of rental to buy. Single family? Condos ?

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I’m looking to buy my first rental I’m thinking of buying a condo but the again thinking of a single family I just can’t make up my mind. What are your guys experiences with condos ?

Where does everyone go to find good deals? Recommendations for an real estate agent?

Hi @Rami Aboomar , Personally, I like SFH over condos.

I HATE having to pay the outrageous condo fees... and "working the cost into the rent" never is as easy as it seems (you always end up getting a little bit of the short shrift).

Try to find an agent who works with investors.

Tell 'em what you're looking for, and if they're any good, when the run across something in your wheelhouse, they can simply forward it to you for you to take a look at.

Best of luck.

@Rami Aboomar I have only done SFH thus far. Condos scare me in the sense that the board can issues collections for repairs not cover by the fees. Thus you could get huge bills for a new roof or other repairs if the property is not managed well.